Mobile Genetic Doctor

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Mobile Genetic Doctor


My project is about building an application on smart phones that will work as a genetic counsellor
In Palestine as a consequence of the high consanguinity rate among the Palestinian, many recessive disorders are present with a relatively high frequency. And many are present with a high frequency only in a limited region or a single village. It is therefore not surprising that, in each of the villages, a different distribution of genetic diseases is found; thus, a detailed knowledge of the genetic disorders present in each village is of utmost importance for genetic counseling. The range and the percentage of the genetic disorders have been increasing widely in the few decades and all of that happens due to the lack of the knowledge regarding this thing, even though there is a genetic counsellor but the cost is a big argument which stands as a barrier between the affected families and the detection of the genetic disorder before it occurs. It is obvious that we as Palestinians need to expend much effort in order to prevent genetic diseases, including inborn metabolic errors among Palestinians. This goal could be achieved partly by lowering the rate of consanguinity among the Palestinian population through genetic counselling And from here the idea of an app being an alternative for the genetic counsellors that gives the same result as the counsellors without the existence of the cost barrier was elected. Our project is about building an application on smart phones that will work as a genetic counsellor that provide information and support families affected by or at risk of a genetic disorder and serve as a central resource of information about genetic disorders for other health care professionals, patient, and the general public. Mobile Genetic Doctor is an android app that is always accessible for people to diagnose themselves without the need of genetic counsellors. The app will be accessible for everyone, it will be provided for phones which approximately everyone has one and it will be gratuitous.


Ekhlas Bannoura


mohammad Isbeih


École des Freres

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