The Importance of UV Rays in Engineering

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The Importance of UV Rays in Engineering


It is an eletronical device that can help prevent premature skin ageing, skin cancer as it tracks conditions in real time.
The aim of our project is to create an electronic device that controls and scales the quantity of sunlight by classifying its colors for the protection of humanity and Nature. The effect of UV rays in the solar radiation spectrum on living beings can have some negative effects which are skin cancer, eye diseases, immunosuppression in plants, slowing photosynthesis in plants, decreasing yields, increasing diseases, damage to plankton in the seas in the animals and increasing the greenhouse effect on the climate scale. Because of all these risks above described we came up this useful device. The UV INDEX VALUES table is based on the MED values of the UV Rays of different skin colors (Minimal Erythemal Dose). The changes that our device experiences are: Color changing according to the intensity of the beam, we can rate these changes, creating a scale and making instant observations if necessary. It is economical, eco-friendly and easy to use. We aim to carry out a stimulus that can be used in all kinds of storage areas, especially in drinking water, which can be a cover in vegetative areas, and which can be used in human clothing if necessary. Harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on nature and human: Plants do photosynthesis in order to continue their growth and grow. To protect against the harmful effects of UV rays, shrinkage of leaf areas and therefore decreases the amount of photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, the plant opens its stomas and receives CO2. During the intake of carbon dioxide there is also ozone input from the pores. Stomas are closed to protect from ozone and this shutdown comes to a standstill of photosynthesis. Ozone inhibits the production of energy in the mitochondrion and slows down plant growth. When the plankton in the sea is damaged by UV rays, their movement capacity and reproductive capacities deteriorate and disappear. High levels of UV radiation reaching the ground surface in direct proportion to the decrease in the amount of ozone in the atmosphere lead to the deterioration of some food chains. The reduction of plankton capable of analyzing carbon dioxide leads to an increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and therefore creating the greenhouse effect. These planktons have an important place in the food chain and provide world climate balance. It weakens humans' immune system. Another important effects are temporary blindness in humans, corneal injury, and cataract in older ages. Another harmful effect on humans is skin cancer. In case of prolonged exposure to UV rays, tumor formation is probable with the deterioration of the skin cells and cancer in later years. The minimum amount of erythemal dose (MED) is a numerical value used to determine the amount of ultraviolet radiation that causes harmful flushing. MED is a unit of ultraviolet radiation. Eventhough many television, online, and smartphone weather forecasts include the projected UV Index these data are always about a certain region and not the place where you’re standing at. Therefore this is what makes our device so unique, useful and essential for our daily life. Since with this we are preventing human diseases, improving our world for the best.


Volkan Gonen

José Eduardo Correia Roque








Saint-Michel Fransiz Lisesi

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Colegio La Salle Barcelos

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