Highway to Health

9ª Edición

Highway to Health


Our project is an application based on a database where it is possible for users to have their health informations saved.
With this idea we aim to improve the healthcare system and life in general. That way people would have a much easier access to their personal health informations. For example, the vaccines card, instead of being on paper, which would make it easier to damage or to lose, would be available in the app, making it all safer. As we all know, during our lifetime we have to make a lot of blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, resonances, among others. Due to the busy life our society has all of these papers easily get lost. That being said, in our app these informations would be available anytime and anywhere. When the health system fails, the doctor and the patient can use our application to check all the medical backgroud. Then, this project can allow all of us to save a ton of paper. For example, during pregnancy it is really usual to hear moms-to-be saying that they need to carry a lot of papers and cards like the pregnancy confimer, which can be somewhat inconvenient. One thing that happens quite often is that people have the medical prescription but they don't know in which chemist's a specific med is available, so our app will provide a list of the nearest chemist's where they sell that med. These are some of the advantages of the app, but there are other ones.


José Eduardo Correia Roque

David Saura López


Ana Catarina Martins Araújo

Diana Sofia Borges Fonseca

Sara Margarida Antunes Gomes


Colegio La Salle Barcelos

Proyecto colaborativo

Colegio La Salle Palencia

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