Eggshells fertilization

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Eggshells fertilization


Eggshells contains calcium, calcium carbonate and other minerals. Our objective is to use eggshells as a plant fertilizer.
People eat eggs and throw away shells which is very important for plants cause eggshells are rich in calcium,calcium carbonate, phosphorus,pottasium and magnesium. So our project consists of making eggshells be used consistenly in gardens,houses,schools and streets because eggshells add calcium to the soil when they decompose which helps plants grow healthy and strong,can help control the acidity in soil and help prevent blossom end rot in tomato plants.


IHAB Ghobrial

Volkan Gonen


Fadi Emad

Abanob Atef

Paula Ashraf

Ahmet Burak Turun

Batu Erata


Collège Saint-Marc

Proyecto colaborativo

Saint-Michel Fransiz Lisesi

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