9ª Edición



Our world is in constant change, that force us to be on autopilot most of the time, our present moments are lost between expectations and are trapped between our past and our future.
As Palestinian Jerusalemites, or as Palestinians in general, we face a variety of challenges and structural discriminations in our daily lives from challenges inside our Palestinian society itself to challenges forced on us by the occupation. Our neighborhoods have little access to basic social services, unemployment rates are high, and opportunities are limited. We also face societal pressures from within the Palestinian community; we are expected to conform to an image of what it means to be successful which is often narrowly defined by material wealth, marriage and starting a family. Furthermore, against the backdrop of these social, political and economic stresses, there is a little emphasis in our society on awareness of mental health and psychological well-being.


Afif Amireh


Issam Shihabi

Omer samara

christine sabat


Collège des Frères

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