Body Bubble

9ª Edición

Body Bubble


Full body inflatable suit for motorcycle riders, providing protection to the entire body and activating in milliseconds, preventing injuries and death.
This suit would be able to inflate in a matter of milliseconds, just like an airbag. However, it would be able to specially protect all the important parts of the driver’s body like the spine (fully preventing spine related injuries such as different types of paralysis), the neck(preventing it from breaking and consequently causing serious types of health problems, even including death), the chest( by reducing the strength of the impact on the chest part, it would avoid ribs to brake and consequently perforate a lung or any other organ), the kidney and abdominal organs ( preventing several sorts of internal bleeding by reducing the strength to which blood vessels are confronted with) as well as the hip area (preventing hip related injuries that can cause severe problems regarding walking and moving in general) and the lower body, including the knees and the ankles. Differentiating this project from the existing similar products is the fact of providing a full body protection including connection with the helmet and lower body stabilisation. Most of the already existing pieces of motorcycle safety gear only protect the driver from the waist up. As a way of facing this situation, our team came up with the idea of developing a full body suit that would be able to, in the occurrence of a crash, react just as fast as or even faster than a regular airbag, and safely lock the motorcycles driver position using inflatable areas. This means, by inflating the suit, the driver would be unable to freely move most of his bodies, allowing all the energy caused by the impact to dissipate on to the materials of the suit. Also important to mention is that this suit would have a special attention to the neck area, which can be severely affected in moto accidents. By adapting the upper chest as well as the upper back part of our suit with a special measured “pillow” that would inflate and prevent the neck to move back and forth, immobilizing it and completely securing it. The activation of the inflatable part of the suit is through sensors built into the suit itself as well as on the motorcycle (being this last one an optional feature), constantly analysing the surroundings of the driver as well as changes to the acceleration and other characteristics. This sensors would be located on both shoulder plates of the driver and would be able to predict the accident even before it happened, around 200 milliseconds prior to the impact, immediately activating the inflating CO2 capsules that would take between 25 to 50 milliseconds to fully inflate the suit and fully protect the driver. The activation is through CO2 capsules which, after use, can be replaced with a new one. Obviously, the suit can deflate and be ready to use again. The sensors are powered by a battery located on the upper part of the suit, underneath the protective area and the charging port can be easily accessed through the interior of the jacket. The battery level indicator would be located on a small led light located on the right forearm. This battery pack would have an approximate duration of 20 hours of use, making it able to fully withstand a long drive fully on and fully activated. The protective sensors would be immediately activated as soon as the driver starts riding and immediately turned off as soon as the driver unzips it.


José Eduardo Correia Roque


José Nuno Correia Campos

Hugo José Campos Martins

Pedro da Silva Pereira


Colegio La Salle Barcelos

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